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Games We don't do a whole lot of gaming news (a few reviews every now and then, just for my own personal fun), but in this case, I'd like to make an exception. Iconic and legendary, Duke Nukem is going to really really really return to the main stage of gaming. Borderlands developer Gearbox has announced that Duke Nukem Forever will be released early next year, for both consoles and PC. A playable demo is now being trotted around PAX. Instant update: VIDEO! VIDEO!
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Is it just me?
by WereCatf on Sat 4th Sep 2010 05:27 UTC
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I mean, I had a total blast back in the days playing Duke Nukem 3D but now.. Well, the videos of Duke Nukem Forever just don't seem all that wonderful. It seems like a rather bland FPS with nothing new to throw in, even the few weapons shown are just kind of.. well, lame. I really love Duke as a character, he is a total badass and as such he'd deserve a game with some serious punch in it.

Oh well, I can always hope the demo videos just don't give it enough credit and that the actual game will be more enjoyable. I know I will be buying it even if it sucks, I just can't resist the power of my nostalgia goggles.

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