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Apple "By now, most iTunes users have already downloaded and installed iTunes 10. We've already given you the low-down on the biggest addition to the new version of iTunes - the Ping social network - but we also wanted to give our impressions on two 'improvements' promised in the release notes: look-and-feel and performance. While we agree that iTunes is 'faster and more responsive', we're not sold on the revised user interface." Vertical window titlebar widgets? Can't we just take this thing 'round back and put a bullet between its eyes? We'd be doing everyone a favour.
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Vertical Window Widgets
by redshift on Mon 6th Sep 2010 16:35 UTC
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Graying out the buttons and most of the other changes were not a big deal to me and it does seem like iTunes is more responsive. However, I could not take the Vertical window management buttons. I sent them a bug report for that and asked them to have an intervention with there UI designer, as his drinking problem is beginning to affect the quality of his work.

Fortunately, the fix is a simple terminal command.
defaults write full-window -boolean YES

I just can't see violating a fundamental UI convention to save 10 pixels of space on a 24" screen. The inconsistency of this being the only app that has a window that works this way makes it even worse. Not that I would want vertical buttons everywhere... but they do need to pick one. I really can't see how it got out of QA without some one asking... What the hell is this... really?? You sure about that button placement because it looks like a bug to the testers?

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