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Games I pay the cab driver, pick up my suitcase, and step outside. The background's filled with the notes from Dean Martin's rendition of "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!", and as I walk away from the cab the sounds of the city drive away the memories from the war, back in Sicily. It's February 8, 1945, Empire Bay, and the war is drawing to a close. Welcome to Mafia II.
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I'm right. ;)

From Daniel Vavra profile on LinkedIN:


My work is to design and write games. My speciality is to write games with good storyline, that is tied with the gameplay.

Director / writer - Mafia (2K Games - GOD Games) - 89% at gamerankings, 2+ millions sold
Lead designer / writer - Mafia II (2K Games)

He did write Mafia II, but left the company (Illusion Softworks) when it was acquired by 2k Games in early 2008. He DID NOT direct Mafia II (he 'only' wrote the original script), and he did not write the dialogues (Jack Scalici from 2K Games did). From 2008 till the release date Mafia II was completely overhauled, the core game mechanics completely changed (in Daniel's original design it was almost an open world game with 3 different endings, lots of activities and side missions) and most of the people (not me, I already knew what to expect) are actually pretty much pissed off by that. In the end, it's right to say that the game released has very little resemblance to the one conceived by Daniel and therefore... You're wrong. ahah:D

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