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Apple "By now, most iTunes users have already downloaded and installed iTunes 10. We've already given you the low-down on the biggest addition to the new version of iTunes - the Ping social network - but we also wanted to give our impressions on two 'improvements' promised in the release notes: look-and-feel and performance. While we agree that iTunes is 'faster and more responsive', we're not sold on the revised user interface." Vertical window titlebar widgets? Can't we just take this thing 'round back and put a bullet between its eyes? We'd be doing everyone a favour.
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The iPhone is a very feature rich device. The core features are fairly easy to use. I had several smart phones that had less features and were much harder to use prior to the iPhone. It seemed that the whole industry took notice and attempted to make better interfaces once the iPhone took hold.

Apple did not just make a better phone.... they made the industry make better phones by example. I really don't care who makes the next revolutionary device... because in the end it keeps competition alive and elevates the whole industry.

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