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KDE "When activities were introduced into KDE 4, they did not make much sense in isolation. In addition to having virtual desktops, there were activities, which the user could create and configure to have different wallpapers and different widgets. Much of the virtual desktop functionality of KDE 3 was absent and not directly connected to Plasma activities. With the release of KDE 4.5, Plasma has reached a much higher level of maturity, and activities can now be integrated with virtual desktops, dual monitor screens, and with the Dashboard feature."
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RE[3]: QML plasmoids
by KAMiKAZOW on Tue 7th Sep 2010 10:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: QML plasmoids"
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The Plasma guys are aware that Activities are currently not implemented in the best way from a usability POV.
They are working on improving it (hence the Activity bar in 4.5 instead of the old Exposé-style "ZUI"). Pretty much everyone agrees that Activities are an awesome idea that should be pursued but so far nobody had an eureka moment about perfect usability for that feature.

If you have one, feel free to contact with your mockups. I once did something similar with Plasma Netbook (see ). In the end most of my ideas were rejected (be prepared that this might happen to you as well) but OTOH Kubuntu's Aurelien Gateau showed some interest and now it seems that a few of my ideas end up in Kubuntu Netbook 10.10 and if that's received well (compared to vanilla Plasma Netbook), it'll be upstreamed for Plasma 4.6 (Aurelien already discussed that possibility with some Plasma devs).
Same could happen with your Activity management idea (if you have one).

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