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Windows In previous OS News articles, I've claimed that mature computers up to ten years old can be refurbished and made useful. My last article identified and evaluated different ways to refurbish these computers. One approach is to keep the existing Windows install and clean it up. This has the advantage of retaining the Windows license and software, the installed applications, and the existing drivers. But it takes some work. In this article we'll see what this entails.
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RE[2]: A thousand times Yes.
by morglum666 on Tue 7th Sep 2010 16:12 UTC in reply to "RE: A thousand times Yes. "
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While my job no longer entails anything to do with end users, I agree with you 100%.

On my own windows machines at home I just add MSE and ensure the firewall is turned on. I also use foxit reader - not for security but because Adobe sucks. Hard.

Actually Adobe is the shining example of previously functional software that is now so bloated that anything is better. And their security sucks.


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