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BeOS & Derivatives Clemens Zeidler, one of the spearheads for the Stack & Tile implementation on Haiku, has let the Haiku development mailing list know that a new and improved (and refactored) version of the feature has been committed to the Haiku source tree. This new version is no longer a hack into Haiku's app server itself, but is it's own decorator, in Haiku/Be parlance.
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Michael Oliveira
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TQH please do not take it personally. You did a brilliant job! Believe me! Fortunately, the problem of ACPI does not affect my computer, but hundreds of others who appear every day looking for help on IRC.

Again, I applaud your work and ask to continue making the Haiku a powerful system.

I'm a haiku user, I use Haiku * EVERY DAY * and these small problems affect the productivity.

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