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BSD and Darwin derivatives "Overall - DesktopBSD is a pleasure to run and a breeze to install. It is an excellent choice for a new BSD user, a not terribly sophisticated computer user, or an old salt who just wants a good, solid, reliable desktop that won't take days to install and weeks to configure and just wants to get on with it."
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Needs more work
by shadow303 on Wed 12th Oct 2005 16:01 UTC
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I have version of Desktop BSD (might be RC1) on one of my machines, and although it shows promise, I will be replacing it soon. The various configuration utilities seem to be well laid out, but I have had some issues (I should probably get around to filing some bug reports). The software updating tool always hit conflicts with updating something and wanted me to resolve the conflicts manually. I can understand that happening in some cases, but it was really annoying to hit that when all I tried to do is upgrade the packages from the base install. The networking configuration tool was pretty interesting, but was a bit biased toward DHCP (I forget the exact details). I use a static configuration, and after I start the machine, I have to fire up the network tool and manually tell it to start the networking stuff. That was basicly a showstopper for me. It definitely has potential, and I will be keeping my eye on it, but in its current state, it doesn't really suit me.

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