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Games I've often harped on Apple for its policy regarding jailbreaking, but of course, Apple isn't the only company engaging in such practices. We already talked about Motorola, and now, we have Sony - already a company with a checkered past when it comes to consumer rights. As it turns out, Sony don't want you jailbreaking your their Playstation 3.
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by obsidian on Tue 7th Sep 2010 22:06 UTC
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When you buy a PS3, you are *buying* it - you're not renting it. You *own* the thing.

Ok, I have no problem with jailbreaking invalidating the warranty, but if you own something (whether it is a PS3 or whatever), surely it is *your business and no-one elses* if you choose to chop it around in whatever way you want, as long as it harms no-one else. If you choose to make a garage door-opener out of it, then that's up to you.

Let's say I *did* want to make a garage door-opener out of it. Sony obviously would not be interested in providing such functionality itself, so it would be up to me to do it. I reckon that if such an "enhanced functionality" case went to court, Sony would have a very hard time winning it. You are simply adding new functionality that Sony does not provide.

Where does this nonsense stop?

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