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Multimedia, AV Every so often we publish here at OSNews articles about copyright, about the war of the "old media" establishment against everyone else. Many, myself included, have argued that the way to get out of this mess -- short of changing the law -- is to have more artists release their work under a Creative Commons license. However, after a few years it became obvious to me that CC would never be able to change the industry all by itself. Offering a Free license, and having 30,000 albums released under it, was still not enough. Until the Summer of 2009, that is. Update: Added audio samples.
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Windows has nothing on Linux when it comes to server-based software.

What software? This type of grandstanding just encourages complacency. MS has a very large cash reserve that they can dump into their server line and the Linux world wants to pretend that it will be 1998 forever.

As for music I've listened to a lot of unsigned metal bands and the vast majority of them are garbage. Part of the purpose of the record company is to seek out bands with potential and then use a team of experts to improve their sound.

I've heard some good electronic music that was unsigned but any type of music that involves acoustics is better off being produced with a sound engineer.

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