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Games I've often harped on Apple for its policy regarding jailbreaking, but of course, Apple isn't the only company engaging in such practices. We already talked about Motorola, and now, we have Sony - already a company with a checkered past when it comes to consumer rights. As it turns out, Sony don't want you jailbreaking your their Playstation 3.
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RE[2]: Ownership or Rental?
by Kivada on Wed 8th Sep 2010 09:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Ownership or Rental?"
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Now here's the thing, if I own it then why am I not allowed to backup my game discs, load an alternative OS and hack away to my heart's content and share what I have done? If the device is mine then it's none of Sony's business what hackery I use to achieve these ends.

But since they don't want to let anyone do these things anymore then they must be selling a service and not a product, thus they can refund the cost of the console.

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