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Apple Apple reported fiscal fourth-quarter earnings of $430 million (E358 million), or 50 cents (E0.42) per share, on revenue of $3.68 billion (E3.06 billion). That compares with earnings of $106 million (E88 miillon), or 13 cents (E0.11) per share, on revenue of $2.35 billion (E1.96 billion) for the same period a year earlier. The most recent quarter's earnings included a benefit from tax-related issues. Excluding that benefit, Apple would have had earnings of 38 cents (E0.32) per share. Sales were somewhat less than some analysts were projecting, and investors sent shares down more than 10 percent in after-hours trading. Apple said it sold 1.24 million Macs and 6.45 million iPods during the past quarter.
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pc), Why the mac user base share is always estimated to 3% ?
the number everybody seems to refere to it the year sales, right ?
so the userbase keeps increasing indeed....
I don't understand how do they calculate the mac user base....
can someone explain to me ?

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