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Internet Explorer We already know quite a few details about Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's upcoming attempt to retain - or grow - its market share in the browser world. Standards and speed are the main focus of IE9, and if a video of the upcoming beta release is anything to go by, they're doing pretty well. Just... Did they just manage to make the interface even less appealing?
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RE[5]: Comment by Kroc
by Dave_K on Wed 8th Sep 2010 14:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Kroc"
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Actually, believe it or not, this is a good webpage coding practice. Very wide webpages are harder to read for a long time, because you (unconsciously) have to move your eyes more and hence more eyestrain occurs.

Agreed. There's a reason that newspapers are split into columns, rather than spreading the text all the way across the page.

I'll often reduce the width of the browser display when a page is horizontally filled with text. Even on a modestly sized widescreen I'd rather have a narrower column of text for comfortable reading.

This is one of the main reasons why I use Opera: it allows me to tile tabs side by side within the browser window, while the main browser window itself remains maximised.

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