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Multimedia, AV Every so often we publish here at OSNews articles about copyright, about the war of the "old media" establishment against everyone else. Many, myself included, have argued that the way to get out of this mess -- short of changing the law -- is to have more artists release their work under a Creative Commons license. However, after a few years it became obvious to me that CC would never be able to change the industry all by itself. Offering a Free license, and having 30,000 albums released under it, was still not enough. Until the Summer of 2009, that is. Update: Added audio samples.
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Band Tries to Make It Big Without Going Broke

Above is an interview with the Dresden Dolls talking about being a band and making money. CC artist or not, the reality of being a musician is the same.

How an Indie Musician can make $19,000 in 10 hours using Twitter

And another which touches on the same subject.

With music it's about publicity and exposure, just like selling any other product.

With writers and visual artists it's, once again, publicity and exposure. Webcomic artists make money off of selling merch, commissions, etc. Jeph Jacques, Randy Milholland, Chris Onstad, Jerry Holkins, and Mike Krahulik, plus others I'm sure, make a living off of their product.

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