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BeOS & Derivatives Clemens Zeidler, one of the spearheads for the Stack & Tile implementation on Haiku, has let the Haiku development mailing list know that a new and improved (and refactored) version of the feature has been committed to the Haiku source tree. This new version is no longer a hack into Haiku's app server itself, but is it's own decorator, in Haiku/Be parlance.
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RE: WinSplit Revolution
by v_bobok on Wed 8th Sep 2010 21:07 UTC in reply to "WinSplit Revolution"
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Seconded. S&T + WinSplit functionality with window arrangement and also thing when maximizied window does not cover the deskbar (kinda what happens in Windows and other GUI OSes) would be much appreciated as additional Optional features.

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