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Games I've often harped on Apple for its policy regarding jailbreaking, but of course, Apple isn't the only company engaging in such practices. We already talked about Motorola, and now, we have Sony - already a company with a checkered past when it comes to consumer rights. As it turns out, Sony don't want you jailbreaking your their Playstation 3.
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RE[4]: Ownership or Rental?
by Kivada on Thu 9th Sep 2010 03:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Ownership or Rental?"
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The PS3 was billed as a computer and they have done little to add features and done tons to remove features. Which is illegal in some countries due to consumer protection laws.

Most people would LOVE the ability to backup if they even knew they could.

Scratch proof coating my ass, ever have kids over? Hell, most people under 30 will toss the discs around like frisbee or use them as coasters.

Backups don't have to mean piracy, case in point, Steam, Sony should be large enough by now to allow full backups of their music, movies and games over PSN. Coincidentially they should also allow you to load the games temporarily on to another console so you don't need to bring a disc.

They made the HDD user accessible, HDDs space is dirt cheap, let people make the most of it.

You still seem to be confusing the difference between something you own and something you are renting. The way Sony treats the PS3, you are RENTING the hardware. But they are selling it. They can't have it both ways.

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