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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's this hole here at OSNews, a hole left when Psystar was dealt a devastating blow by Apple's legal team. That whole saga provided a nice steady stream of news articles that's been dried up for a while. However, Psystar was not the only clone maker out there - what happened to Quo Computer, that clone maker with an actual real-world store front? They're still here, and just launched a new product.
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RE[2]: Why?
by kaelodest on Thu 9th Sep 2010 05:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Why?"
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I guess there is a point, where we as the thinking 5 maybe 10 percent of the technology centric users have to ask. Am I a consumer or a producer. I like the Mac as a producer, but it is unashamedly a consumer platform. But then I return to the question - even with Mandrake and Ubuntu why can I not get other people to like linux. This sunday I was talking it over with a very good technician (or so I thought) and all she knew was helpdesk and not in a sensible or practical way. (Mostly Windows and PC and Luck) so I gave her a Ubuntu 10 server disk. She called the next day and was confused that the install didn't have a GUI. Well as long as the answer is based on what I can Google and not based on practical knowledge and experience then we (knowledge workers) are doomed to be replaced.

And No I do not count Android as Unix any more than I count iOS as unix - (Or 3.5 10^6 ATMs as Valid Vista Installs)

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