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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's this hole here at OSNews, a hole left when Psystar was dealt a devastating blow by Apple's legal team. That whole saga provided a nice steady stream of news articles that's been dried up for a while. However, Psystar was not the only clone maker out there - what happened to Quo Computer, that clone maker with an actual real-world store front? They're still here, and just launched a new product.
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RE: Why?
by jbauer on Thu 9th Sep 2010 09:18 UTC in reply to "Why?"
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Well. - -- --- Whatever get's Thom Page Hits. But my real question is Why can't Linux capture any mindshare. I mean for real. I have used it off and on since 1998 and I generally keep a debian server running headless in the house. But that is just because I might need to run an esoteric lab test or some security testing, and I do it all from a terminal. So it isn't like I am some GUI bound designer or a simple Mac head. So my question (aside from Thom's odd fascination with Mac Clones) is: Why Can't a Linux Reseller make web headlines.

Because the Linux community still can't get the basics right and the user experience is terrible. And the standard answer to the criticisms is and always will be denial.

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