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Linux Ahem. I just had to write that all-caps headline. Broadcom's wireless chips - used by just about everybody in this industry - have been a major pain in the bum for Linux users, because the company did not release open source drivers. Workarounds had to be created, lots of pain was had in the process, but now, Broadcom has finally seen the light: they have open sourced their wireless Linux drivers.
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RE: Quality
by daddio on Thu 9th Sep 2010 19:34 UTC in reply to "Quality"
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No, they are WAAAY better than nVidias provided open source drivers....

Oh, that not what you meant?

As someone who has used radeonhd, and now radeon opensource drivers since they because available. Its been about a year since they have been usable.

Just over three years since they announced their intent to release documentation. They are not to the point that they are so stable and automatically configured that you just forget they exist... but they are getting close.

Meanwhile, as nouveau with kms is enabled by default on many distros, using the nvidia drivers has become more painful to set up. Hopefully nvidia has a plan to use kms. Their drivers have long rendered the other ttys on your system unusable unless you disable any kind of framebuffer.

But back on topic... This is fantastic news!
One can only hope Broadcomms embedded GPU drivers follow suit!

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