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Apple Very good news out of Cupertino just now. It took quite a bit of negative press, but Apple has finally caved in: the company is dropping its restriction on third-party development tools for iOS. Also, the company has published all its App Store review guidelines out in the open for the first time. It took a little too long, but very good news nonetheless.
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I support, oops don't support the ban
by shashank_hi on Fri 10th Sep 2010 00:34 UTC
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This is great news for iOS application developers, and therefore, for iOS users the world over. Now let's grab a bag of chips and watch the Apple fanatics who supported the ban suddenly herald this move as totally justified Cupertino brilliance (I kid, I kid).

Ah let's see. Ooh, I love Apple so much. This was such an awesome decision. Just like when then made that awesome decision to keep Flash out. Take that Android...

Sarcasm aside, as an iPhone owner and user, I'm glad to see more flexibility.

For the random rejection policy, it might be better if Apple allows developers to submit plans for approval. Could save development time. Honestly, why can't they have content rating like movies and games for explicit apps?

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