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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's this hole here at OSNews, a hole left when Psystar was dealt a devastating blow by Apple's legal team. That whole saga provided a nice steady stream of news articles that's been dried up for a while. However, Psystar was not the only clone maker out there - what happened to Quo Computer, that clone maker with an actual real-world store front? They're still here, and just launched a new product.
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by kaelodest on Fri 10th Sep 2010 01:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Why?"
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I like Stallman. I remember when emacs finally clicked for me. But I am tired of people who do not program trying to tell me what to do with my source. I think that the GNU has a lot to offer but the Circus and the Bazaar seems to have turned into The Ivory Tower and the Bazaar. YUP apple is included in that. I am More than willing to release an App as source, and devil may care. But the Idea that something that i do for 'work' should be held to some academic ideal - no - I cannot go for that.

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