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Linux Ahem. I just had to write that all-caps headline. Broadcom's wireless chips - used by just about everybody in this industry - have been a major pain in the bum for Linux users, because the company did not release open source drivers. Workarounds had to be created, lots of pain was had in the process, but now, Broadcom has finally seen the light: they have open sourced their wireless Linux drivers.
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RE[3]: Great news...
by DerGenosse on Fri 10th Sep 2010 07:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Great news..."
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Being separate from Xorg means that the Nvidia driver is incompatible with recent developments in the X stack, such as kernel modesetting (KMS).

Look, Hans, the X server is a certified piece of crap. Unfortunately nothing better exists. Thus we have to make do with this abomination.
It will mean also that it might become possible for X to crash and be re-started without having to close applications or login sessions.

Oh! Already? How marvelous. And here I thought, Linux was behind the times.
Very soon, if not already, Nvidia will be very much the non-preferred graphics option for use with Linux machines. It may still be possible to run Linux on a Nvidia graphics machine using the nouveau open source driver, but that project is regrettably falling further and further behind in capabilities.

Please! Give me a break! Nvidia works. Now. Case closed.

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