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Apple Yesterday's back-pedaling from Apple has been very well received in the industry. Two companies who were bitten pretty hard by Apple's policies - Google (through AdMob) and Adobe - have both responded to yesterday's changes, and as you can expect, they're both pretty happy.
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Flash is a dud
by wocowboy on Sat 11th Sep 2010 09:45 UTC
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I am SO tired of hearing about how Apple is evil and mean to poor little Adobe Flash. Has anyone on here ever seen how absolutely horrible Flash is on the Android platform? I have a Nexus One, Froyo on it, and the Flash app installed. It might work 2% of the time, and even then I can only stand to watch something for a few seconds before I get tired of the choppiness or plain outright non-workable piece of crap it is.
Steve Jobs has been completely correct all this time in saying that Flash doesn't work on mobile phones and has been right in his efforts to keep it off the iPhone. It just doesn't work! Mobile phones simply do not have the processor power or memory capability necessary to make it work properly, and in my humble opinion, don't need to have it if there is a perfectly acceptable alternative that works just fine right now, namely HTML5. Why is everyone on here so totally against HTML5? In the tradition of OSNews, I suspect an evil plot/scheme at work to keep HTML5 off of mobile phones. Maybe it's Adobe that is the evil one here.

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