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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla has published the first Firefox build that integrates a new JavaScript engine that aims to match the performance in IE9 and reduces the gap to Safari, Opera and Chrome. The JavaScript performance is pretty dramatic and, at least on our test system, Firefox 4 is now faster than IE9 PP4."
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Jaegermonkey is NOT older than two weeks. The very first build of Jaegermonkey was August 31, 2010. Before then Mozilla had two separate javascript engines in development, neither of which were Jaegermonkey. One was Tracemonkey, and the other was Mozilla's new JIT engine.

You've got your terminology confused. The "new JIT eingine" *is* JaegerMonkey. And just btw, TraceMonkey uses JIT too. It's just that TM is tracing JIT, while JM is method JIT.

JaegerMonkey has been in development for at least three months, possibly more. It's just that it was developed in a branch. Then, on August 31st, it has been merged from it's own branch into the TraceMonkey branch. And yesterday, the now combined JM+TM have been merged into mozilla-central, which is the "trunk".

Oh, and let's throw another word into the mix: SpiderMonkey. What is SM? Well, it's Mozilla's JS engine as a whole. In the beginning, there was SM, an interpreter JS engine. Then, TM was added to it. And now JM too. So SpiderMonkey now consists of an interpreter, a tracing JIT engine and a method JIT engine.

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