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Legal EULAs, and whatever nonsense they may contain, are legally binding in the US. Have a great weekend!
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RE[4]: Civil disobedience
by lemur2 on Mon 13th Sep 2010 04:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Civil disobedience"
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"I'm guessing that breaking a EULA is a lesser crime than piracy
Since EULA's are not law it's not a crime at all, it's just a contract violation. "

The "L" part of EULA is a license. This license part grants permissions that are required by copyright law for you to make a copy of the software on your hard disk (i.e. install the software).

Other than that, the rest of the EULA is a contract, not required by copyright law, and hence violating any of the other restrictions within the EULA is merely a contract violation, and not a criminal act.

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