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Legal With bad news after bad news when it comes to consumer rights in relation to software and copyright, it's always refreshing to see that there are still people in high places who aren't yet bought by big content. Late last week, a major battle was won for consumer rights in Switzerland: Switzerland's Federal Supreme Court has ruled that IP addresses are personal information, and therefore, fall under the country's strict privacy laws, and may not be used by anti-piracy companies.
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I agree copyright infrigment != stealing. The difference is that when you steal, you directly decrease the owner's property, while when you just copy, you don't directly affect the owner's property.

Still, I find copyright violation unethical. I recognize the right for the artist/author to choose how he wants his creation to be distributed.

If your are unhappy with the artist's will about distribution, just don't watch/use his creation.

On a related topic, when discussing copyright infrigment, people sometime bring up the argument that they are only downloading "shitty" movies and songs. That doesn't make it more ethical. If you find something is crap, just don't watch it. (I'm not saying this is your point of view Thom)

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