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Microsoft Who said a public outcry - even if it's just on the internet - never helped anyone? Yesterday, we reported on The New York Times' findings that Microsoft lawyers were taking part in raids on opposition groups in Russia. Today, Microsoft has announced a number of steps to fix the situation - the most significant of which is a unilateral software license extended to all NGOs in Russia and several other countries.
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I'm a little shocked the whiny "What about Linux" (like a second rate Raven from ECW) took until the second post.

I think it says a lot about the 'alternatives' when people would en-masse rather pirate the pay version than even CONSIDER running the alleged 'free ones'. Of course I find it more telling many of the people I know who were pirating XP tried 7, shrugged their shoulders and said "You know, I'd be willing to pay money for this" *** SHOCK, WHAT A IDEA ***

But of course the fault HAS to rely on Microsoft's alleged strong-arm tactics and couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that so far as using it as a deskop OS is concerned Linux (or if we let the free*** interject, the GNU toolchain running atop linux) lags a decade or more behind the major pay alternatives. Between pain in the ass compatibility shortcomings even on allegedly supported hardware and the dearth of quality applications is it any wonder low-income users resort to piracy to even approach a useful solution?

...and even when running the better apps via crossover/Wine it's like driving with the parking brake on

... and this is from someone who at this point won't even LOOK at anything other than Linux for servers at this point - But you tack that bloated slow buggy pile of garbage X11 implementation atop it, piss-poor font rendering even with the 'illegal' bits of freetype enabled, stack two or three different window libraries since nobody can agree on which ones to build their apps on, mix in the piss-poor interaction between running applications or even between the user and applications -- and the mere notion of 'Linux as ready for the desktop' is a total JOKE for anyone who actually uses their computer for 'normal desktop' WORK!

Not exactly surprising Apple didn't use X11 under their system and instead have a optional X11 system you can run atop their own graphical stack, or that Google pitched X11 in the trash for Android...

But of course, the problem with Linux adoption in the business space is Microsoft. Only partly true, in that they continue to make a better more versatile and less confusing product.

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