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General Development Technologists fear (and loathe) that which has no purpose. Why must some insist in deriding an operating system like Haiku that doesn't fit their particular needs or precepts of what has a purpose, when, it's advanced enough to have a decent web-browser and productivity software? Today I shall be further offending these people's tastes with a look into LoseThos--a pure 64-bit, preemptive-multitasking, multicored PC operating system that is intended to be used as a secondary operating system for user's recreational programming on their best PC while dual booting a primary system such as Linux or Windows where they do networking and other modern activities such as multimedia. Yes, LoseThos has no networking, no security of any kind, and VGA graphics; but it certainly has a purpose: to be fun! (for programmers, at least)
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RE[5]: Comment by Brynet
by Kroc on Tue 14th Sep 2010 11:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Brynet"
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You are seeking to simply draw this out as painfully as possible rather than show any balance. I will be locking this thread after this comment as I do not feel that you are capable of reaching a point where you we can discuss the topic instead of debating petty arguments.

So you are limiting his ability to express his views on OSnews, yet give him a feature length article that consists 50% of direct quotes. Sorry Kroc, that just doesn't make sense.

Terry was banned from OSnews some time ago due to his conduct. I cooperated with him to publish this article because I’m a nice person and where as nobody was willing to have anything to do with him—like yourself—I believe in giving people a chance under the right circumstances. This article was published because I wanted to. Don’t like that? Go elsewhere.

It’s “quoted” because that is the original (and unique to this article) text Terry wrote for me to be the article itself; I however thought that this would not be adequate enough and instead decided to wrap his text around my own contribution to bolster the article, improve the quality, and bring out the importance of recreational programming, rather than an OS having to strictly have a point. Again, the quoted sections are exclusive content to OSnews, it is simply “quoted” in order to distinguish between my opinions and his.

you should be able to put things into perspective

I put LoseThos in the correct perspective. It’s not trying to be another Linux and it is pretty advanced despite the looks.

You don’t like Terry, you are opposed to him getting attention, and you don’t like me either and have to nitpick everything I’ve said. This is not a discussion, it’s you being an immovable asshat.

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