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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia might not be gaining a lot of mindshare in the smartphone world with its Symbian operating system, but fact of the matter is that Symbian is still the most popular smartphone operating system in the world - by a long shot. Today, Nokia officially unveiled three new smartphones that will run the latest iteration of the mobile platform, Symbian^3.
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RE: I wish it ran Android
by tony on Tue 14th Sep 2010 15:41 UTC in reply to "I wish it ran Android"
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It's not about the software. It's all about Marketing.
Symbian could be 100 times better than Android and people still wouldn't know what Symbian is. They don't actually care what OS it is running. Nokia sells phones. The OS is part of the package.

People care about Android because Googles markets the OS, not the full packages and Google is the biggest advertising company in the world. Google wants you to know that Android is cool. And when Google markets Android features, you come to believe it is what a modern OS should be.

I have a N900 and when people see me using it, their first comment is: "A phone that still have a stylus? How old is that?" Why? They've come to believe a modern phone OS must not have a stylus and must be touch only. Obviously they have never tried Xournal. Marketing is the key. Do something and make people think it is cool and everything else sucks.

That's a cop-out. Marketing can't make up for bad software. There are plenty of bad software that has had great marketing (as recently as the Kin), and they didn't sell well.

As tough as it may be to accept, people use Android (and Apple) because they're great, easy to use platforms with a ton of great apps.

Nokia is losing market share not because of marketing, but because they're falling way behind.

And defending the stylus? Nokia won't even defend the stylus, they know they need to get rid of it and are moving towards multi-touch as quick as they can. They're just way behind. Unless the stylus is being used to actually draw or write, it's just a cop-out way to make a mouse-based interface work with our stubby, imprecise human fingers.

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