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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu If there's one consistent piece of criticism that gets lobbed in Canonical's and Mark Shuttleworth's direction, it's that they do not contribute enough code - or anything else for that matter - to the Free software world. Mark Shuttleworth has apparently had enough, and has written a very, very lengthy blog post detailing how he feels about this criticism.
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jptros trolled...

Ubuntu is yet again not collaborating and going in an entirely different direction.


It's free to do what you want with it as long as you do what we want with it.

No, it's "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

If you want to claim to be a part of the open source community, then contribute. If you're a part of the family, then take out the garbage, wash the dishes, mow the grass once in a while. Guests are always welcome, but don't be surprised if you're not received as warmly as family is.


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