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Multimedia, AV If the rumours are true, and if this Pastebin post (be sure to mirror the key if that won't get you in trouble with your authorities) is legitimate, then it looks like High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection has been cracked so hard its mother's mother felt it. HDCP is a copy protection mechanism which protects the audio and video streams sent over DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI.
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RE[2]: Newtons's law
by anda_skoa on Wed 15th Sep 2010 09:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Newtons's law"
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Like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube Movies, Youtube Shows, Crunchyroll, and (when I'm feeling nostalgic) Jaroo?

WereCatf already pointed that out but some of these seem to be limited to US customers only.
To you as an US based customer it might not b obvious, but some of us are really fed up with these silly "protection" schemes that are justthere to control the market rather than the product or content (DVD region codes anyone).

You have likely nevr felt the utter frustration of a show airing a year or more later (if at all), not being able to be part of the shows global fan community (try to participate in an discussion when you are just watching "last year's" season).

Or a show being cancelled just because the US audience didn't like it or the netork being stupid enough to pitch it against a show with broader audience (happens to good SciFi all the time).

So to conclude, as other have said as well, we can discussing price if there is actual availability. Be it availability depending on where you are (see above) or which device you have (e.g. listen to music at home as well as in your car).

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