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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu If there's one consistent piece of criticism that gets lobbed in Canonical's and Mark Shuttleworth's direction, it's that they do not contribute enough code - or anything else for that matter - to the Free software world. Mark Shuttleworth has apparently had enough, and has written a very, very lengthy blog post detailing how he feels about this criticism.
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"Anyone complaining about Ubuntu not contributing code upstream has to ask themselves, does it matter? Does the fact that Ubuntu contributes or not upstream affect Linux either way?"

Absolutely. Yes, it does. How can it be otherwise? Canonical is by far the company with the largest engineering resources in the 'free desktop operating system' sector. In the overall free software sector, it's probably only behind Red Hat and Novell (depending on how you treat big companies with small OSS departments). How can it *not* be significant how much work this very important engineering workforce does on the free desktop ecosystem? Wouldn't our graphics drivers, network drivers, sound drivers, and desktop applications be better if Canonical were devoting a part of its engineering resources to developing them?

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