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NetBSD "The NetBSD Foundation is pleased to announce NPF, a new packet filter by Mindaugas Rasiukevicius. NPF is designed for high performance on multiprocessor machines, and for easy extensibility."
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RE: Arrr
by jwwf on Wed 15th Sep 2010 18:42 UTC in reply to "Arrr"
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It looks to me that they started NPF from scratch.

Wait... What? Yet another packet filter in the BSD world? I understand the needs, but it might have been easier to work on the grounds of another packet filter (pf anyone?).

Well, if some guy wants to write a packet filter, I say, let him write a packet filter! Personally I think it sounds interesting; I have never used PF on a SMP machine (actually, I've pulled processors from OpenBSD / PF machines to save power) but the PF docs are pretty up front about SMP often not being helpful. If somebody's enthusiastic about trying a different way, that's great.

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