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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu If there's one consistent piece of criticism that gets lobbed in Canonical's and Mark Shuttleworth's direction, it's that they do not contribute enough code - or anything else for that matter - to the Free software world. Mark Shuttleworth has apparently had enough, and has written a very, very lengthy blog post detailing how he feels about this criticism.
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You don't understand what an analogy means, go back to primary school. FTR Canonical is not like BP, and doesn't behave like a pedophile. I never said anything remotely related to that. What I said is apparently beyond your mental comprehension.

I think YOU don't know what an analogy is, kid. "It is like", you said, twice - first comparing it to paedophilia, then to BP's oil spill.

Those sorts of comparisons and analogies serve no other purpose than to troll. Highly distasteful.

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