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Graphics, User Interfaces "Adobe Flash Player 'Square' is a preview release that enables native 64-bit support on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems, as well as enhanced support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta. We have made this preview available so that users can test existing content and new platforms for compatibility and stability."
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RE: So now flash can use >4GB
by Hypnos on Thu 16th Sep 2010 04:48 UTC in reply to "So now flash can use >4GB"
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32-bit Flash causes stability problems on my 64-bit Linux system because the 32-bit compatibility libraries don't work as well as the native libraries for things like sound and video acceleration. A 64-bit plugin would be useful to me.

A more appropriate questions is, does anyone need 64-bit for anything? Yes, if you do computationally intensive tasks like video editing or scientific simulations. I prototype code for my calculation server on my laptop, where I run Flash.

32-bit Skype is also a thorn, though it only needs the sound system.

I also hope that HTML5/SVG and SIP/SILC/etc. become more popular.

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