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Graphics, User Interfaces "Adobe Flash Player 'Square' is a preview release that enables native 64-bit support on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems, as well as enhanced support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta. We have made this preview available so that users can test existing content and new platforms for compatibility and stability."
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One million WebM videos milestone
by lemur2 on Thu 16th Sep 2010 05:26 UTC
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On the WebM project blog, a recent post shows "Easy Tricks for Finding WebM Videos in YouTube".

The same post states that "today, the one million most popular videos of any size on YouTube are also available in the WebM format".

This milestone of one million of the most popular Youtube videos available today in WebM format, together with the tips for making a browser search tool for them in some browsers, means that browser such as Firefox and Opera which render WebM with HTML5 but not H.264 are becoming increasingly viable.

The blog post also indicates how to change a YouTube link to fetch the WebM version of the video:

Directly Accessing WebM Videos by URL

To find out if any YouTube video is available in WebM, simply add &html5=True (make sure True is capitalized) to the end of the video URL. If there is a WebM version of the video, it will open instead of the Flash version. For example:

Flash version:
WebM version:

Developments such as these in conjunction with the arrival soon of IE9, Firefox 4 et al may mean that Flash might possibly become no longer needed by many people. Given that Flash doesn't work on the iPad, then HTML5, CSS3, SVG, animated SVG and ECMAscript might well soon be in a position to become the default "rich web content" platform.

HTML5/WebM will be supported on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and also on IE9 (if the user installs a suitable WebM codec, which would doubtless be made available by Google). Being the most widely supported, this could therefore become the default for delivery of video over the web.

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