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Internet Explorer After several months and preview releases, Microsoft has finally lifted the curtain for the Windows Explorer 9 beta release. Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft's attempt at not just catching up to the competition, but at actually surpassing them. Since enough sites will be focusing on just how many nanoseconds faster or slower the beta is compared to the competition, I'll talk a little about the new minimalist interface.
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by Neolander on Thu 16th Sep 2010 05:40 UTC in reply to "Comment by orestes"
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Why using lots of tabs ? A typical example for me is news websites. You open the home page, you wheel-click all news that are of interest for opening them as tabs in the background. Then you read each one, and close the tab thereafer. This way, by a look at your tab bar, you know what remains to be read, and once you close your last tab you know you're done. I find it more comfortable than going back and forth between content pages and the home page, personally.

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