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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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by Morgan on Fri 17th Sep 2010 00:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by mtzmtulivu"
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Apple generates a lot of strong opinions and a good fraction of the negative ones comes from apple enthusiasts who like one aspects of the company and its products but dont like the others Apple critics are not always apple haters.

That's pretty much how I am about it. I think OS X is the best modern commercial OS by far, but I'm not a big fan of the current line of hardware -- with the exception of the newest Mac mini, that thing is a work of art!

I'm of the opposite opinion when it comes to the iOS line; I love the hardware, especially the 4th generation iPhone/iPod touch, but iOS itself feels too limited to me. My dream phone/mobile multimedia device is the Nokia N900, which I plan to purchase soon. Everything I've seen about it blows me away, including the physical design. While I'd prefer a device made with a sturdy metal frame, the N900 looks simply amazing, plastic and all.

I must say too that I am conflicted regarding Apple's company policies. While I consider Jobs to be a visionary and a great company leader, he (and Apple's legal team) can be down right oppressive at times. They all definitely have a God Complex.

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