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Internet Explorer After several months and preview releases, Microsoft has finally lifted the curtain for the Windows Explorer 9 beta release. Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft's attempt at not just catching up to the competition, but at actually surpassing them. Since enough sites will be focusing on just how many nanoseconds faster or slower the beta is compared to the competition, I'll talk a little about the new minimalist interface.
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Ok the first Developer previews were not much more then IE8 with some under the hood tweaks. But after watching the videos and seeing the features I am actually looking forward to this version of IE. Ok I admit it I have always been somewhat of a fan of IE, well except in the days of IE 1 and 2 when it was being released shortly after Windows 95. Wow it was a disaster then. But since IE3 it has been a great browser, quirks and all.

I like the unique features that IE 8 had to offer, specifically the contextual menus that make it easy to complete some cool tasks.

Of course by now you think they would have found the time to integrate either a stand-alone spell checker or integrate the office one like OE or windows mail does. Of course I am referring to XP/Vista as I don't have Win7 installed to remember if it has this system wide or not.

But I am looking forward to it as it is my browser of choice on Windows. On the Mac I have 4 or 5 browsers installed just for the fun of it. ;-) But on Windows I still prefer IE, so thanks IE team for not getting stagnant!

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