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Internet Explorer After several months and preview releases, Microsoft has finally lifted the curtain for the Windows Explorer 9 beta release. Internet Explorer 9 is Microsoft's attempt at not just catching up to the competition, but at actually surpassing them. Since enough sites will be focusing on just how many nanoseconds faster or slower the beta is compared to the competition, I'll talk a little about the new minimalist interface.
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Another piece of crap from MS
by Alexandre on Fri 17th Sep 2010 10:22 UTC
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Sorry for the harsh words, but it's the way I feel. And let me say, I use Opera.

Installation process took more than 5 minutes and 1 restart. Chrome takes less than 1 - download included.
Opening a link in a new tab - about 1 second in my machine, it blocks IE during that time.
New features - copying what exists in other browsers.
It's funny the news about pinning websites - Opera has something like that for years, I'm sure others have the same.
Looks like a browser to sell bing, I use google as 70% of the population.
No spelling check as is.

There are very good news, last IEs were too bad, this one is faster, the screen area is well used... and this is a beta.

Predictions - IE is the most used browser and is a big piece of junk, Microsoft will keep on loosing users no matter how good the new IE will be. Quality doesn't mean success - not always.

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