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Multimedia, AV If the rumours are true, and if this Pastebin post (be sure to mirror the key if that won't get you in trouble with your authorities) is legitimate, then it looks like High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection has been cracked so hard its mother's mother felt it. HDCP is a copy protection mechanism which protects the audio and video streams sent over DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI.
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RE[2]: Now tell me if I'm wrong....
by leech on Fri 17th Sep 2010 12:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Now tell me if I'm wrong...."
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Thanks for that. That's basically what I had thought / knew.

The AACS Keys have been hacked for quite some time now and I have been able to (for the most part) play all of my legally purchased bluray movies on Linux.

There have been a few that I have had problems with.

The Firefly series ("Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!") has problems with a corrupted video stream. There were one or two that it couldn't fetch the aacs key for, I have forgotten which ones specifically now, but the others work fine, just without menus.

One less reason to dual boot!

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