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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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by kaiwai on Sun 19th Sep 2010 01:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Tuishimi"
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That is true but you didn't see the my point. What I meant to say was that there are no technical reasons to but anemic gpus in an imac, especially considering macbook pros can have much more powerful gpus relative to its tiny size, why can't imacs. If you want a powerful gpu in a desktop mac you have to get a mac pro (which sometimes comes with exceptionally bad gfx cards relative to it's other specs and price).

I would say in the case of the iMac's the GPU's chosen are ones that are relatively cool and don't require a fan running at a high speed to keep it cool (they tend to be the mobile version of the GPU). In the iMac there is more space but Apple also has to take into consideration the noise it would make - now for me I couldn't give a flying continental about a low quiet hum in the background when it comes to a fan but if you've ever hung out on a Mac forum you swear that some of them if they heard the slightest noise would have a mental break down.

Personally for me though, with the number of people buying iMac's and MacBook's it doesn't appear that 'performance' of the GPU's are a thing stopping them in any way - it goes back to what I said regarding what people want from their computer and how far too many people here get hung up on specifications instead of looking at the complete package and what it can offer - Mac OS X being a huge chunk of what makes a Mac a Mac.

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