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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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by dvhh on Sun 19th Sep 2010 12:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by dvhh"
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Let me clarify my frustration when using mac apple computers, as nice as they are and as close as they are from any unix based system, they are designed for mac user which expect some behavior from mouse and keyboard (especially the home/end keys ) , I understand that there is some tweaks available, but I won't force my habits on someone I'm suppose to help.

And note that I'm complaining equally about every OS, they all have their flaws, they are designed to sacrifice something in order to acheive the targeted user goal, and I'm somewhat ok with that.

Applications weren't the issue ( but you can admit that Apple developed software are way more used than opensource/third party one on apple hardware ).

But the thing that I'm complaining the most is very good engineering company shooting themselves in the foot for the sake of marketing (sony and apple are among the top culprit here).

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