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Novell and Ximian Novell has been pretty much for sale for six months, and now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Novell's Linux business may be bought by VMware. Novell's other assets, which includes Novell Netware, will then be bought by a private-equity backed software company called Attachmate Corp.
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I can't speak about SLES or SLED - I don't use them - but openSUSE has since 11.2 made the KDE desktop the default, not GNOME.

This point about openSuSe is true now, but it wasn't for a while.

SLES and SLED are heavy pushers of GNOME/Mono. Mono is effectively a dependency in order to run either of those, and Mono contains two parts ... it contains a C#, GTK#, CLI etc part which are open standards, and it also contains ports of ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Winforms, which are Microsoft proprietary technologies for which no "promise" exists.

There really is not place for the latter on any freedom software server or desktop.

SLES and SLED are not freedom software, they are proprietary (server and desktop respectively) OSes, with full-blow restrictive EULAs and the like. There is really no need to subject yourself to this, just don't use SuSe.

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