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Intel On a Windows Vista or Vindows 7 disk, all versions of the operating system are present, from Starter to Ultimate, and everything in between. So, if you want too upgrade to a more capable version of Windows down the road, all you need to do is pop the Windows disk in, let Windows Anytime Upgrade do its thing, and you're done. It seems like Intel is experimenting with a similar technology... For its processors.
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RE: Confused
by nt_jerkface on Mon 20th Sep 2010 05:31 UTC in reply to "Confused"
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Makes me wonder if they haven't been selling us all hugely powerful CPUs forever and just dumbing them down a bit. Good for profits, bad morally, I say.

AMD/ATI, NVIDIA and Intel have all done this before.

What is immoral about selling a cpu at differing clock speeds even if the die is the same? You are being offered different levels of power/price, why does the manufacturing process make it immoral?

AMD is selling a triple core laptop cpu. That is freaking awesome. I love Intel cpus as well. All these multicore low temp cpus are so much better from what we had 10 years ago. Has everyone forgotten how much 1ghz cpus used to cost? I remember getting a Duron 800 and thinking about how smooth it ran XP. That is 800 as in 800mhz. I think I paid about $130 and it was an excellent deal compared to the pentiums.

Who gives a flying F if people at Best Buy have to pay 50 bucks to bump up their already fast cpu. Intel is a great company, they deserve that 50 bucks. Americans will drop 50 bucks on pizza and drinks. I did it Saturday night and I didn't get a boost in power that will last for years.

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