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Novell and Ximian Novell has been pretty much for sale for six months, and now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Novell's Linux business may be bought by VMware. Novell's other assets, which includes Novell Netware, will then be bought by a private-equity backed software company called Attachmate Corp.
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SLES and SLED are heavy pushers of GNOME/Mono. Mono is effectively a dependency in order to run either of those, and Mono contains two parts ... it contains a C#, GTK#, CLI etc part which are open standards, and it also contains ports of ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Winforms, which are Microsoft proprietary technologies for which no "promise" exists.

Not only that but some Novell programs were built with Winforms.

I also find it funny that both you and I were voted down in this thread.

If MS really wanted to bring .net to Linux they would have done it themselves, and more importantly they would have started with OSX. Though I am a fan of .net Miguel reminds me of a kid who wants to hug a tiger because it looks soft and furry.

MS has been very clear that only C# and the CLI are ECMA standards and within the community promise. Miguel and Novell made a huge mistake in cloning Winforms and other proprietary components of .net. Since .net was already moving to WPF MS probably didn't care at the time and thought it might be useful for future leverage. With ASP.NET MS can just tie newer versions to Windows Server. MS is keenly aware that developers like myself who use ASP.NET want the latest version and want to run it on the platform that it is designed for. ASP.NET on Linux is solution that no one is asking for.

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