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Legal Big Content, which already owns the Obama administration, is at it again - I guess mandatory monitoring software to scan every computer's content isn't enough. A bi-partisan proposed bill would allow US federal courts to issue injunctions that would order domain registrars or registries to cease resolving the domain name of a copyright infringing website.
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RE: Got to love it
by TheIdiotThatIsMe on Tue 21st Sep 2010 00:42 UTC in reply to "Got to love it"
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I'm just sad that there basically isn't anything we U.S. citizens can do about it. ;)

Why? There is plenty of things U.S. citizens can do. The problem is the ruling attitude of our nation in regards to politics and government (not that the two should be treated equally, politics covers far, far much more than government) is that of apathy and cynicism, both of which we know have provided soooo well instead of providing or pushing an alternative. [Please note, I'm not trying to pick on you personally, just the overall mindset of our citizens that we are helpless]

If we don't like what our government is doing, and do nothing to change it, we are at more fault than the government.

For U.S. citizens who are unhappy with the laws that have been passed or have been proposed, ask yourself these questions:

1. Have you written or expressed any kind of concern, displeasure, or rebuttal to any of your representatives?

2. Have you offered any constructive alternative, in a complete, full written form that can debated, standing next to what the current options are?

3. Have you seeked out any others with views the same as yours to file a petition, work with your representative, or raise public awareness?

Remember, politics is dirty. It's conflict. It's fighting tooth and nail for everything you believe in. But to not fight at all, to just 'dismiss it', you are as every bit guilty as the people you accuse.

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