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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Who says the open source and Free software world only copy but never innovate? Over at Canonical's design blog - you know, the company which does nothing for the Linux world *cough* - someone named Christian Giordano has shared some ideas about how Ubuntu - and therefore, the rest of the Linux world - could make use of hardware sensors to better serve its users. Pretty interesting stuff.
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Slow motion trainwreck
by IkeKrull on Tue 21st Sep 2010 02:33 UTC
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How about instead of playing around with toy apps for video-based interaction, to do their jobs as OS vendors and provide robust and stable APIs for video device sharing and the like, and get them merged upstream, with broad support from other distro vendors.

Then, once that is done, and popular third party apps and video frameworks e.g. Skype etc. are using the new standard video APIs instead of attempting to simply open /dev/videoX in exclusive mode, then maybe it would be a good idea introduce the ability to do jedi moves.

Because if its done the other way (Lets write some stuff that doesn't interoperate and breaks other apps that run on our platform), its going to be immensely painful for people who actually use their webcams. PulseAudio was bad enough, does anyone really want to go through all that again?

Its one thing for a developer to come up with a cool way to interact with the computer, but if the framework isn't there to allow that interaction to happen smoothly and to share the resources required, its going to be an awful user experience.

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