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Legal Big Content, which already owns the Obama administration, is at it again - I guess mandatory monitoring software to scan every computer's content isn't enough. A bi-partisan proposed bill would allow US federal courts to issue injunctions that would order domain registrars or registries to cease resolving the domain name of a copyright infringing website.
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by ssa2204 on Tue 21st Sep 2010 03:40 UTC in reply to "mail"
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To: US
From: World
Subject: Notice regarding proposed legislation dealing with IP infringement

Dear US,

Fcuk off.

Yours truly,


To: Thom
From: Adults

Dear Thom,

Isn't it time you grew up and moved out of mommy and daddy's home? I mean you have sincerely degraded this site to one step above a cheap Wordpress blog. Your ignorance of politics, law, and the U.S. is a degree. But since you seem to think you are the next Paul Krugman, maybe it would be wise to say get an education on the subject you wish to preach about?

Until then, when I need to see similarly ignorant ranting from clueless people I can just as easily tune to any Tea Party idiot. At least they are amusing.

Yours truly,

p.s. You truly have turned this site into a shithole. I use to sincerely enjoy coming here, but not anymore. This is no more a site about Operating Systems than it is the personal blog of a few ignorant children. A proper editorial, if you would bother to have learned this, should seek to understand issues that are complex. Here, it is mindless whining of silly little children who get outraged about topics to which they are clueless.

OSNews, R.I.P.

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