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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Who says the open source and Free software world only copy but never innovate? Over at Canonical's design blog - you know, the company which does nothing for the Linux world *cough* - someone named Christian Giordano has shared some ideas about how Ubuntu - and therefore, the rest of the Linux world - could make use of hardware sensors to better serve its users. Pretty interesting stuff.
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RE[2]: hmm
by WereCatf on Tue 21st Sep 2010 07:39 UTC in reply to "RE: hmm"
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Agreed - computers being helpful is good. Computers failing at being helpful, bad.

I can well imagine ripping my hair out in frustration with this thing if it were not possible to turn off. I don't just sit in front of my computer neatly all the time, I turn around to play with my cats, I turn to the side to chat with my girlfriend, sometimes I lean back, sometimes forward, sometimes I am like the effing hunchback of Notredame..oh, and there's kitchen right behind me.

That's a lot of stuff that is in no way intended to be recorded and used to control anything but would undoubtedly be mistaken for such. Tracking eyes doesn't really help either: plenty of people do not have their webcam sitting right in front of them but instead on f.ex. a shelf somewhere nearby. And eye-glasses, make-up, various kinds of eye-related diseases and defects and so on could easily fool the system, especially if the webcam isn't top-notch.

Sure, this thing makes for cool videos and yes, it IS indeed interesting research. But I just can't see it being useful in real life.

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